About Us

Porkies Gourmet Meats was founded in 2015 by a pair of pork enthusiasts who struggled to find a decent, premium-quality pork in Denpasar, Bali. The duo with their backgrounds in agriculture and butchery then decided to create their own supplies for high quality both for pork meat and pork-based products. They tried and managed to produce high-quality Western style pork products from locally farmed pigs.

As Porkies grows, our small yet skillful team developed superior butchering and meat processing skills after receiving training from Willi Wurm . With the Western style butcher techniques Porkies' team mastered, our business expands to fulfill the demands for high-quality pork from Bali and Jakarta.

We only use high-quality, sustainably farmed pigs along with the best ingredients for our products. We use beech wood to dry cure our bacon, juniper berries for our brine mixture, and our products are 100% gluten free, also MSG free. Pork as great protein source can be both delicious and worry-free.